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Top Left:

  • Today | Left Arrow | Right Arrow: Shows Current Day and arrows allow you to navigate forward and back one day
  • Calendar Icon/Date: You can click on the desired date for quick navigation

Top Right:

  • Day|Week|Month View|Events list: You have the ability to click and drag appointments in each view, allowing you to reschedule appointments easily.
    • In Month View if you click on the blue tab with 3 white dots the calendar will open to that day & view. The Blue Tab indicates that there is more than one appointment scheduled on that day.
    • Events List view shows an overview of appointments in list format and provides one week of events that are scheduled, starting on the day you are in on the scheduler.

Bottom Left:

  • Print Event: Select Date and Provider to print a day sheet of scheduled events.

Note: The Multi-User View: Checked by default for staff users. Allows Staff other than Provider to view Scheduler. Also allows multi-provider clinics to view their own schedule, or all provider schedulesAll Users are able to view a single provider schedule or multiple schedules by using the dropdown.

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