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Creating a New Appointment
There are two ways to create a new appointment with the Scheduler: Double click or right click on the desired day/time & select to add appointment.

  1. Search Patient (The patient whose profile you were last in will automatically populate when scheduling an appointment. You can search a patient by typing or using the drop-down menu).
    1. Users have the ability to add a new patient from this menu as well by clicking the '+' to the right of the patient drop-down menu
  2. Confirm Provider for appointment
  3. Check the Email and/or Text Reminder boxes to elect to send the appointment reminder to the patient (These will automatically be checked if you have selected either option in "Patient Settings" within the patient profile
  4. Confirm the Date
  5. Select the Case the appointment is associated with
  6. Using the drop-down menu choose the Appointment Type (These can be customized within the Admin Account, see Section 1.3)
    1. You may choose to edit the Start/End times- the times are based on their configuration within the Admin Account
  7. Use the drop-down to choose the appointment Status Type
  8. (Optional) Include any additional notes to the appointment
  9. Click Save


  1. Click on the New Appointment button  in the upper right corner
    1. Calendar pops up with full scheduler functionality - You can both maximize and minimize this window for easy viewing

Creating a New Event

  1. Enter Event name
  2. Confirm Provider
  3. Confirm Date
  4. Edit time if needed
  5. (Optional) Add any notes
  6. (Optional) Set up the meeting as recurring

titleOnline Scheduling Add On

If you utilize the Online Scheduling feature, there will be an option to Allow for Cross Booking.  When selected, the timeframe for the meeting will still show available to patients' scheduling online.