EMR User Manual

4.1 Essentials & Demographics


  1. First Name, Last Name & for Date of Birth (You may also enter the date manually MM/DD/YYYY)
  2. A phone number is required (Home, Mobile, or Other)
    1. If you have elected to include Text Reminders on your account, it is essential to populate the Patient's cell phone number in Mobile Phone
  3. Select Gender
  4. Include an Email Address the patient would like to receive Email Appointment Reminders (Included within the system. Text Reminders is an add-on feature)
  5. Select the Default Provider and Default Service Location
  6. Optional: You may choose to include a new (click on the blue +) or existing Primary Care Provider from the drop-down menu. Providers may be adding by also selecting 'Referring Provider' within the Tools drop-down


  1. Minimum Requirements to be completed: Street Address 1, Zip, City, & State
    1. Social Security Number will be used for various aspects of verifying the patient.
    2. A Nickname can be entered that is for display purposes only.  You will be able to search the patient by nickname, as well.

If you have decided to utilize the Online Patient Intakes (add-on feature), it will auto-import patients intakes when they complete the online intake registration 

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