EMR User Manual

6.5 Assessments/Medical File

ChiroFusion includes four standard assessments within the Assessment Type drop-down menu. The Assessments are only accessible to Providers and Super Staff
You may either Print/View a blank questionnaire or open the document and report your findings directly into the system.

  1. Select the desired assessment and click Open

  2. Apply the appropriate selections for each relevant area within the form

  3. Once complete click the calculator icon on the bottom of the form to calculate the score

  4. Click Save

The saved assessment will populate within the summary box on the Assessments page and can be opened for viewing by double clicking the Assessment. A copy of the assessment will also be saved within the patient's Medical File.

The Patient Medical File is where you may save general patient files, X-Rays or other images/documents. Supported formats include JPEG, PNG, and PDF.

  • This is where you will find all of your reports & Patient file/documents

  • You may Add, Delete, and Export reports/files (Use the check boxes in the far left column to select which file(s) to Delete or Export

  • Within the File Category column you may utilize the filter icon to filter existing items within the Medical File (You may also use apply these categories when manually uploading files)

All signed EXAM & SOAP Notes will automatically populate within the Patient Medical File.

Word Documents are no longer supported.

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