EMR User Manual

10.4 Online Scheduling

The new Online Scheduling feature within ChiroFusion allows patients to schedule an appointment from any computer or mobile device. 

Admin Settings

Navigate to your Facility Admin account and click on the Online Scheduling tab 

  1. Your Online Scheduling Link(s) - You are able to customize your online scheduling link or use the pre-generated link on your website, Facebook, etc. 
    1. This link navigates your patient to the Online Scheduler portal of your practice
  2. Online Schedule Settings by Provider - Here you will customize the appointment settings for your practice
    1. Appointment Types - Select the appointment types that you would like as options for your patients to select when scheduling online

    2. Lead Time - Patients won't be able to book an appointment within X hours of the current date and time. I.E. Patients cannot book appointments sooner than 12 hours in advance.

    3. Advance Booking - Dictates how far in advance a patient can book an appointment. I.E. Patients cannot book an appointment farther than 6 months in advance.

    4. Booking per Time Slot - This is specific to the respective appointment type and dictates the number of appointments that can be booked simultaneously. I.E. Set to 3 for appointment type "Adjustment". This would allow a max of 3 chiropractic adjustments to be scheduled for the same time slot.

    5. Cross Booking Allowed - Allows multiple appointment types to be booked for the same time slot. I.E. You may schedule an Adjustment & Acupuncture session for the same time slot with Cross Booking allowed for both Adjustment & Acupuncture

  3. Be sure to click Save after completing your customization. Your changes will take effect immediately. 

Scheduling an Appointment

Patients will need to navigate through the Online Portal to select their desired Appointment Type, Preferred Practitioner, Appointment Date & Time.

Both new and existing patients have the ability to schedule online appointments.

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