EMR User Manual

10.5 Physitrack Integration with ChiroFusion

Physitrack is a HIPAA compliant platform for healthcare practitioners to offer high-quality home exercise programs, track patient adherence, and initiate Telehealth video calls.

ChiroFusion’s Physitrack integration allows you to quickly add a ChiroFusion patient profile to your Physitrack account and begin prescribing exercises - all without ever having to leave ChiroFusion. This article describes the steps to integrate ChiroFusion and Physitrack. All just fancy words for essentially copying and pasting a link from one program into the other.

Step 1: Create a Physitrack account

ChiroFusion users can now access Physitrack at an exclusive discounted rate. This includes a free 7-day trial. At the payment page, just before entering your credit card details, select ChiroFusion as your affiliation and enter CHIRODISCOUNT as the discount code.

Visit the Physitrack website to sign up for an account.

Step 2: Enable the ChiroFusion integration in Physitrack

  1. Log into your Physitrack account.

  2. Go to your My Account area and then click Settings. Scroll down until you find the Integrations Menu.

  3. Select ChiroFusion from the drop down and click Save Changes.

  4. After you press Save Changes a new section will appear underneath Integrations named API Key.

  5. Check Enable API access to my account. Copy the API key and then click Save changes.

Step 3: Enable the Physitrack integration in ChiroFusion

  1. Log into your ChiroFusion Provider Account and open a patient record using the Global Search field.

  2. From the Patient Dashboard, click the 'Configure Physitrack" button located in the lower left menu under Integrations.

  3. Paste the Physitrack API Key copied from Step 2 into the field.

  4. Check 'Enable Integration", then Save.

  5. The 'Configure Physitrack" button will be replaced with a green "Open Physitrack" button.

Step 4: Start using Physitrack with your patients

Read this easy-to-follow guide on getting started with Physitrack

Important: if you have multiple ChiroFusion Providers in your practice, you will need to connect each of your ChiroFusion Providers to their own Physitrack account (meaning a separate email address that is signed up with Physitrack).

Physitrack Support

For any support-related questions or requests for a free online tutorial users can email the Physitrack support team at support@physitrack.com

Need Help? Visit Our Help Desk: www.chirofusionhelp.com