EMR User Manual

3.1.1 Payer ID

Office Ally's Clearinghouse is already fully integrated into the ChiroFusion billing system & it's free to file electronic claims to most payers.
All the Payer ID codes from Office Ally's database are in CF system & you can search by number or by name.
When searching codes in ChiroFusion, Insurance Co. Names may vary & a single code can apply to multiple Insurance Company names and entities.

Payer ID Code: 87726 applies to UnitedHealthCare and many others. It will appear in ChiroFusion as only AARP because we simply attach it to the first alphabetical Insurance Co. name listed in Office Ally.
As long as Payer ID is confirmed in OA Resources page, you do not have to be concerned with the name that appears.

If you are unsure about which Payer ID code applies, you may directly confirm with the payer/insurance company

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