EMR User Manual

7.2.4 Appointment Statuses

Email and Text Reminders: If your office is utilizing the Email or Text Reminders, changing the appointment status to Cancellation, No Show, or Reschedule will automatically disable the reminders.  If needed, you will need to manually enable the reminders again for the appointments.  

Users may utilize the appointment status types to manage their practice workflow and to track patients within the Scheduler. The acronym for the appointment status is to the right of the appointment type on the appointment.

Changing Patient Appointment Status (there are two methods):

  1. Right Click on the appointment and select the appointment status to change i.e. Waiting Room 


      2. Open up the appointment details to change the status

When changing the status to 'No Show', 'Canceled', 'Res-Current Patient' or 'Res-New Patient' the appointment box will display slashes.

We recommended utilizing the Cancellation/No Show/Rescheduled appointment types as opposed to completely deleting an appointment from the schedule. This allows users to track appointment history and more accurately determine patient flow and retention when running reports.

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