EMR User Manual

7.3 Running Reports

The available reports assist in tracking office/patient activity and can be utilized to determine patient retention & statistics.

  1. Click 'Run Reports' to the Upper Right of the calendar
  2. Select Scheduling Reports or Patient Reports
    1. Scheduling Reports
      1. Select desired report from the Select Report drop-down menu
      2. Input date range
      3. Select report criteria to reflect against all patients or one patient (Selecting Patient will open the drop-down box to the right where you may choose the patient for the report)
      4. (Optional) Select an Appointment Type that you would like to use as a filter for the desired report
      5. (Optional) If your practice has more than one provider, you may run a report for an individual provider or all providers within the practice.
      6. Click Run Report
    2. Patient Reports
      1. Select desired report from the Select Report drop-down menu
      2. (Optional) Filter by Criteria
      3. Click Run Report

After a report has been generated, it will show in the box below.  This report can then be exported to Excel or Printed as a PDF.  

Archived Patients

When searching by patient, you may need to click "load more" to find the patient you are looking for. Please note, all patients will show on the report results whether they are active or archived. 

Available Reports

Scheduling Reports

  • No Show- Will pull all No Show status of appointments in the time frame
  • Cancellation- Will pull all Cancellation status of appointments in the time frame
  • Appointment Hx- Will pull both past and future appointments regardless of appointment status
  • Completed Visits- Will pull all Checked Out status of appointments in the time frame
  • Inactive Patients- Will pull who haven't had an appointment in the timeframe selected
  • New Patients- Will pull who has been entered into the system in that time frame
  • Rescheduled Appointments- Will pull all Rescheduled status of appointments in the time frame
  • Sign in Sheet- Will pull all appointments and signature sheets from time frame selected
    • Printed PDF will give you a list of appointments and each subsequent page will be the printed image of their signature

    • Exported to Excel will generate the list of appointments.  

Scheduling Reports: Any Appointment Type or Provider that has been deleted from the system will show in a light grey font where as current Providers & Appointment Types will display with a blue font. 

Patient Reports

  • Patient List- This will list patient demographics.  This can be filtered by Active or Inactive Patients.    
  • Patient Insurance- This will generate active patients with active insurance policies for the insurance selected. 
  • Birthday List- This will allow you to generate either the current month, next month or both to provide patients that have a birthday in that time frame. 

After a report has been generated, users have the option to print the report by clicking Print and also the ability to export the report as an .xlsx file by clicking Export.

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