EMR User Manual

8.0 Tasks & To-Do

Use the Tasks tool to assign tasks to yourself or other staff within the practice.

Creating a Task:

  1. Click 'Add Task'
  2. Complete the description, assign the task either to yourself or other staff, and select a Due Date.
  3. Click Save
    1. A pending task notifications will appear on Task Icon

Users also have the ability to Edit/Delete an existing task as well as Mark Complete (which removes the task notification from the menu bar and places a strike through on the task).


Automatically generated through Notes & Documentation.

When a report is incomplete and saved as a draft, a 'To-Do' Task is generated as a reminder for the Provider to return to the note for any remaining edits and to sign. Opening a To-Do task will navigate to the note at the point to which it was saved as a draft.

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