EMR User Manual

9.2 Auto-Save For Documentation

With Auto-Save, you are able to quickly move from one tab to the next and the system will automatically save all of the information you have added to your note. This allows for a more streamlined and efficient documentation platform.

  • This auto feature does not apply to areas where you are required to "add an item."

    • That being, wherever you see the blue "ADD" or "ADD ITEM" button, you want to use it to ensure those items will be included in your note .

  • If you navigate outside of the SOAP/exam note module, your note will automatically be saved as a draft.

  • If you attempt to sign out of ChiroFusion without first clicking the "Save Draft" button, you will receive a pop up window, “Warning: "You have some unsaved data. Do you want to log out?" This allows you to go back & save your data before signing out. 


Please note, we have left the save buttons in documentation for now but will be phasing these out with a future update.

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