EMR User Manual

9.0 Documentation

Providers and Super Staff have the ability to create Exam and SOAP Notes. The various sections available within each can be customized by respectively selecting either Exam/SOAP Notes in the Tools drop-down menu (Section 2.2)

Exam & SOAP Note are the same report but simply two different templates/formats (Users can start a SOAP Note & convert to Exam if needed with the same DOS.) All notes are based on DOS and users can select either format & any saved info will appear.

Default Cases

If the case details have not been updated an alert will pop up notifying the user of such and the case can then be updated prior to signing. 
  • User may only have one working DOS/note at one time. They must sign DOS & start the next.
  • The onset date on the case reflects on the signed note. The 'default case alert' helps prevent user from signing a note with the incorrect onset date because this information cannot be edited after the note has been signed.

Auto-Save Feature for Documentation

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