EMR User Manual

Saving & Signing Reports

Anytime you will be navigating away from an incomplete note or working on other items it is essential to save the note as a draft. Doing so will prevent the DOS from being abandoned and successfully locked.
Save Draft: (Incomplete Documentation)

  • Click: 'Save Draft' on the upper right of any page within the note. Saving the note as a draft automatically generates a To-Do within the Task tab that allows you to navigate to the area which you last left off. (See Section 8.0)

To Sign a Completed Report users must click "Sign" on the upper right of any page within the note. This generates a preview of the completed report for review.

  • Click: 'SAVE REPORT' and use the Digital Signature Pin Number that you created (Note: Only providers have the ability to Sign notes in the system) See Section 2.2 for information about setting your Digital Signature
  • Report is then stored in 'Medical Files' tab with the Patient's profile.
The 'MOVE TO BILLING QUEUE' checkbox automatically generates a claim in billing based on the ICD & CPT codes saved to the note. This is a ONE TIME shortcut to automatically generate the claim. Charges/DOS will otherwise need to be manually entered if this checkbox is not utilized.

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