EMR User Manual

1.1 Facility & Users

This is the physical location of your practice. All of the information that you input within this tab will populate on your HCFA 1500 for billing.
If you are using a Group NPI number, you will include that number within this tab.
Your provider information will already be generated as it was added during your account activation.

Adding Staff & Super Staff:

  1. Click the User Type* drop-down menu and select 'Staff' or 'Super Staff'
  2. All required fields are marked with an asterisk * (Remember to enter a unique email address for all users added into the system)
  3. Click SAVE when complete (Bottom Right)
  4. Once complete, the new user will receive an email with a temporary password to log into the EMR system.

Restricting Billing Access

For all users (Providers, Staff and Super Staff) you can restrict access through their user profile by selecting Billing Module- All to restrict from entire billing module or select Billing Reports- Only to restrict user from financial and billing reports only. 

Adding Scheduling Columns:

  1. Please contact help@mychirofusion.com to add a new Scheduling Column* to your account

Scheduling Providers & Columns are not users in the system and therefore cannot sign notes or perform billing operations, etc. These columns are restricted to scheduling purposes ONLY. 

Every user will need a different email address for setup, this will become their username for logging into ChiroFusion's main interface.
The system houses three types of users: Providers, Staff, and Super Staff and you may add an unlimited amount of staff users.
Staff users are not able to access Exam/SOAP Notes and Assessments. Super Staff have the ability to create/edit SOAP/Exam notes to assist the provider with documentation, complete assessments, and delete from the medical file. Providers are the only user types with the ability to sign SOAP Notes/Exams.

*Additional Fees May Apply

Need Help? Visit Our Help Desk: www.chirofusionhelp.com