EMR User Manual

6.1 Clinical/Patient Dashboard & Insurance

The Clinical Dashboard provides an overview of the patient's profile and serves to showcase findings once reports and assessments are generated.

  • Within the Basic section a patient profile photo may be uploaded by clicking on the silhouette image
  • Clicking on the Patient's name will allow you to generate a Face Sheet
    • You will select the provider you wish to display on the Face Sheet as well as add any notes you may want to include on the Face Sheet.


The Patient Dashboard contains four sub tabs: Essentials, Demographics, Employment, & Settings

  • Essentials & Demographics: See section 4.1 Adding Patients
  • Employment: Add details of patient's employment
  • Settings: If patient is no longer being treated, you may mark file as inactive
    • You may select default settings to always send Email/Text (Add-On) Reminders
Insurance: See section 4.2

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