EMR User Manual

2.3 Main Interface Dashboard

The Dynamic Dashboard has been designed to help improve office productivity by providing you with a clear picture of your practice performance and shortcuts to all the work that needs to be completed.

  • Notification Center

    • Pending Drafts: This will show the pending drafts for that user.

    • Pending Tasks: This will show the past due tasks and tasks due that day for that user.

    • Rejected Claims: This will show all the rejected claims that have not been refiled yet.

    • Unposted ERAs: This will show all unposted ERAs.

    • Failed Transactions: This tab will display failed transactions based on the selected range/time frame.

    • Open EOBs: This will show the amount of Open EOBs in EOB Payments.

    • Authorizations Expiring: This will show when a patient has 2 or less visits left of their authorization or if the authorization will expire within the next week.

    • Care Plans Expiring: This will show any patients whose care plan has 2 or less visits left.

  • Appointment Snapshot

    • This data is based off of the providers selected, range/time frame, status of the appointment and case associated with the appointment.

      • Appointments Seen will show all Checked Out appts

      • Cancellations will show all Cancelled Appointments

      • No Shows will show all No Show Appointments

      • New Patients will show all New Patient’s with a scheduled appointment (first visit).

      • Appointment Type will take into account all Appointment Type names and break it up by percentages.

      • Visits by Payer will look at those visits from the range/time frame and will break down the appointments by percentages. This is based on what is attached to the case for the appt.

  • Billing Key Performance Indicators

    • This information is based off of the selected providers and range/time frame.

  • Accounts Receivable Snapshot

    • Will display the A/R percentages.

    • This can be broken down by Insurance or Patient A/R.



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