EMR User Manual

7.2.1 Features for Appointments

There are different features associated with the schedule:

  • Double clicking the appointment box will bring up the Edit Appointment Screen
  • Clicking the Patient's name will take you into the Patient's Profile
  • Once a note has been signed, the vCard icon will turn bright green.  
  • Appt. Note/Alert Icon indicates a patient alert or note on the appointment. Hover your cursor over the icon to display the alert and/or note texts.

  • Visual Card (vCard)   
      • Demographic Section will display:
        • Patient’s Name.  This can be clicked on to bring up the patient Demographics
        • Any Active Alerts the patient has
        • Home and Mobile Number
        • Email
        • Link to send intake forms to patients via email (If Add-On Feature is activated on account)
      • Appointment Details will display:
        • Appointment Details can be clicked on to edit the current appointment.
        • The case associated with this appointment
        • The date of the appointment
        • The time of the appointment
        • The appointment type
        • The appointment status
        • Any Notes associated with the appointment
        • The check in code
      • Next Appointment:
        • The date & time of the next scheduled appointment as well as the appointment type & provider.
        • This icon will pull up a pop up schedule so you can schedule the patient for their next appointment.
      • Financials will display:
        • Patient Balance
        • Account Credit
        • Last Payment
        • Copay
        • Deductible
        • Account Balance
        • Patient Balance
        • Insurance Balance
        • Account Credit
        • Last Payment
        • Primary Insurance
        • Secondary Insurance
        • Any pinned billing alerts
        • If the patient is Self Pay it will show:
        • If patient has insurance it will show:
      • Button to Create or View SOAP
        • If a SOAP note has not been created, the button will appear blue and when selected will take the Provider or Super Staff into the SOAP note for that date of service. 
        • If the SOAP note has been completed, the button will appear green stating ‘View SOAP Note’. Click this button to view the completed note (PDF). 
      • Navigation:
        • Patient Dashboard will take you to the patient profile
        • Patient Accounting will take you to the patient’s account in billing

Text Reminders (Add-On Feature):
When a patient receives their appointment reminder, they have the option to respond 'YES' or 'NO' on whether they will make it to their scheduled appointment. This will auto-update on the scheduler with a Green/Red icon that will light up to indicate that they have confirmed or canceled their appointment

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