EMR User Manual

1.3 Provider Hours

Provider Office Hours:

You have the ability to configure various Provider Hours for your calendar. This allows for additional customization based on each provider's availability and breaks. Every provider on the account may have specific hours set. Any unavailable hours on the calendar will be grayed out and you will be unable to schedule any appointments outside the specific provider hours. 

Set Provider Hours & Save

Breaks: Are concrete & will not allow for appointments to be scheduled during break periods.

If you prefer flexible break times, we recommend that you use 'Events' on the schedule instead.

(See section 7.2 Patient Appointment/Events)

Set Provider Blackout Dates

  • Provider reoccurring blackout dates will not allow you to schedule any appointments under the selected provider for that specific date
  • Provider blackout dates will affect selected provider only and are indefinite until removed

Reoccurring: Click + Add Reoccurring to set a specific office date to be blocked out on the schedule

Other Upcoming Blackouts: Click + Add to create a range of blackout dates (i.e. December 24th through January 1st) OR a specific time frame within a date (i.e. January 10th, 8:00 AM through 11:00 AM)

  • You may select the date and time by clicking on the Calendar/Clock icon and entering in your desired date
  • Click on the All Day check boxes to set a 24 hour time frame within your date/range

By default - all provider(s) will be set the Same As Office Hours until modified

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