EMR User Manual

2.2 Settings Icon

Soap & Exam Settings:
Allows you to Customize Settings for Exam & SOAP Note Reports

Digital Signature:
Providers may create a Digital Signature that will appear on all of your signed reports. You must set your secure Pin Code that will be used to sign your Exams/SOAP Notes
Setting Your Pin Code:

  1. Click on Digital Signature within the Settings Icon
  2. Enter in the password that you used to sign in to ChiroFusion's main interface (Not Admin) and click Ok
  3. Enter a Signature PIN Code of your choosing and then Confirm Signature PIN Code
  4. Click Choose File to upload your signature image (You may sign your name on a blank white piece of paper with black ink & take picture with your smartphone, save image to desktop as a .jpeg or .png image format)
  5. Click Save
If you would like assistance with formatting the image you may our email our Support Staff at help@mychirofusion.com, include the image and we will reformat and email back to you.


Add/edit Insurance Companies & Insurance Plans.

  • See section 3.0 for further explanation

Referring Providers:
Users may add Referring Doctors or Primary Care Providers (PCPs) that you may then attach to Patient Profiles. Once added they will appear in the drop down selection menu when adding patients & cases.

Text Reminders:
Customization of the time frame is you have elected to include Text Reminders on your account. For further explanation, see section 10.1

Need Help? Visit Our Help Desk: www.chirofusionhelp.com