EMR User Manual

5.1 Creating a New Case

Every patient requires a case to be created both Insured & Self-Pay Patients. The case acts as a 'sub-folder' that documents a patient's course of treatment for a condition or injury.
Clinical Dashboard > Insurance > Cases

  1. Populate the Case Name*
    1. This is internal and will not show on reports/billing
  2. Select the Case Type* from the drop-down menu
    1. General Complaint is most common
  3. Select the Date of Onset* using either the calendar icon or by typing in the date in MM/DD/YYYY format
    1. This is when the ailment/condition began and should reflect what was selected in Box 14 – by default this will populate with the today's date.
  4. For an Insured Patient it is very important to select the Primary Insurance from the drop-down menu to attach the Insurance to the Case. If this is not done, charges sent/generated in billing will reflect as Self-Pay
  5. If the patient has a secondary insurance, use the Secondary Insurance drop-down to link it to this case
  6. If applicable: Populate the Attorney | Referred By text boxes
  7. Click SAVE when complete
    1. By default, saving the Case will bring you to the Primary Insurance tab to verify info. Scroll to the bottom and Save for an insured patient. Otherwise you may navigate elsewhere if the patient is Self-Pay.

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