EMR User Manual

7.2.3 Recurring Appointments/Events

Users may either create an appointment series when they are creating the new appointment/event or by editing an existing appointment/event.

  1. Select the desired Repeat interval and duration
  2. Check the appropriate days that the appointment will repeat on
  3. Select the End date or number of occurrences to be included
  4. Click Save

If at any time you need the recurring appointments to stop and need to remove the remaining appointments in the series, you will want to edit the last appointment and change the 'Repeats' to 'Never'.  This will remove any further appointments for this series. 

New appointments/events have a drop-down on the bottom of the Create New Appointment screen that says 'Repeats', existing appointments show a check box to 'Edit the series' which populates the 'Repeats' drop-down.

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