EMR User Manual

4.3 Secondary Insurance & Authorizations

Secondary Insurance:

  1. If the patient has a secondary insurance, follow steps 1-4 from Section 4.2 within this area

  2. Populate the Financially Responsible Party

    1. If 'SELF' is chosen it automatically populates fields. If Other Party is chosen, you'll have to fill in required details. The financially responsible party is normally the main beneficiary that the health care plan/policy is named under.


Users can add multiple authorizations to a patient.

Official Use is for Pre-Authorizations from the Insurance Company. If the insurance company requires pre-approval of the care plan and they issue an authorization, you may track visits they approve (pulls through to HCFA claim form Box 23)

  1. (Required) Populate the Authorization Name and Number*

    1. If using for unofficial purposes, you may input the description of its purpose here. I.e. Pre-Pay 10 Visits

  2. (Optional): Include the authorized CTP Codes

  3. (Optional) Attach the Authorization to a case.

    1. This will automatically pull the authorization when signing a note within said case.

  4. (Optional) Include the Start Date | End Date | Visits Approved

    1. The visits approved will count down with each signed SOAP or Exam note.

  5. Click Save

Attaching an Authorization to a case will automatically select it when signing a note. The provider can then remove the authorization or select another authorization if needed.

To Edit an Authorization

  1. Select the Authorization from the table.

  2. Make edits to any field.

  3. Click Save.

To Delete or Archive an Authorization

  1. Select the ellipsis icon from the table (three vertical dots).

    1. Deleting will delete the authorization from the system

    2. Archiving will move the authorization to the Archive section and no longer be able to be selected since it is no longer active.

Unofficial Use (Help Tool): You may track any set amount of visits (i.e. if the Insurance Company covers 20 visits you may document here or you if sell pre-pay plans for patient purchase)
Each time a provider signs an Exam/SOAP note the visits will count down and give an alert when expired.

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