EMR User Manual


Chiro Analysis

  • Users may mark the affected areas & segments of the spine. Red boxes indicate a patient's pain & other boxes are the user's findings. You also have the ability to 'click and drag' to highlight multiple segments at once within any colored boxes.
  • Within the Subluxation row, users can mark whether a subluxated area was found or adjusted. Users have the ability to note the "Segment Not Adjusted" within the Tx (treatment) tab.
  • Click on the Extra-Spinal Subluxations to open the drop-down to include Extremities (arms/legs/hips) & anything outside of the spine that is adjusted.
  • Add Musculoskeletal Palpation values into the drop-down menu and click "Add Item" on the right to build your next muscle


  • Select Region and Type and then input the appropriate Ranges/Findings. The system will automatically calculate the Total Loss Percentage %. (The entire table will pull through to the report).
  • Checking the "WNL" checkbox will pre-populate normal finding for the exam


  • Select the Region, Tests, and Results – Click Save to populate the findings within the bottom summary box


  • There are a variety of different exams that the user has the option to complete within this tab, all are optional. Anything completed on this page will pull through to the final report. (I.E. Selecting "WNL" for the Motor Exam)
Note: For the Sensory Exam be sure to click "Add Item" to pull the exam findings into the display box on the right.

Diagnostic Studies

  • Users will utilize this area to document X-Ray findings or any other diagnostic exam. There are three drop-downs available to include Impressions, if you would like to include more than three you must first populate the existing lines to open the "Add Impression" button
  • Users may also upload Images/Scans to save with the report. These images will also save as a separate file in the medical file, allowing staff to access the images without opening the report.

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