EMR User Manual


Note: Adjusting the Modifiers/Units/Time/Rationale needs to be completed prior to clicking "Add", only the Diagnosis Pointers can be adjusted after the CPT code has been added

The Spinal Segments Adjusted as well as the Extra-Spinal Segments Adjusted pulls from the Chiro Analysis section of the Objective – the techniques for these adjustments can be noted using the drop-down menus.

In order to add the CPT procedure codes the user can search by either the code/description and then click 'Add' on the bottom to drop the procedure into the summary box.  You can add modifiers and the sequence in how they appear is based on the order in which they are selected.

Users can save any CPT codes to the Favorites drop-down menu by clicking the checkbox within the Heart Icon column on the right. Deselecting the checkbox under the heart column will unfavorite a CPT Code from your favorites list. 

Users can also select from the Saved Group drop down as a shortcut in entering ICD and CPT codes.  See Section 1.3 of the Billing Manual on how to create and used saved groups.

Users can hover over the added ICD codes to display the diagnoses.

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